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Ohhhh, the fad has lead to me! [Tuesday
May 23rd, 2006
[ mood | satisfied ]

Errrrrrrr, after a ccouple of minutes, I've deicded to give into one of these 'lj', thanks to Manny. Anyways, 'tis me, Emma Nelson. Greenpeace, Ravine Slut , giving in to Manny's whinning and signing up for one of these.. things, before I get a throbbing headache. They seem quite confusing, and well pointless. But hey, this may come in handy one day, well, hopefully it does.

Well, most of you kiddies out there might not me so well, which wouldn't be a disgrace i gotta say. Well, I'm in Grade 11, slightly more then half way there.. getting to the end. I've dated several bad boys, Sean, Chris and now Peter . Thank God those two are over with, phew. I've also been incharge of our school's envoirnment club, S.I.T.E which should end soon and it's been fun. I just need this year to end, and next year to fly by.

Friends are my life. I'd die without my Manuella, and she knows it. Things have been going good between us, her moving in and sharing a bed with me. Although she doesn't help alot (ahem) I could laways get her to start ;)

Anyways, this journal will be


Cause creepers are out there trust me.
Butttt, if your not one of those creepers, im up for an IM.
emma goes there
add it.

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